Research interests

generalised linear models; optimal scaling; categorical data; Cox proportional hazards model; logistic regression.

science communication; statistics communication, risk communication, probability phrases, subjective probability, quantifying language.

Papers & Projects

S.J.W. Willems, I. Smeets, C.J. Albers. A cause for miscommunication: variability in the interpretation of Dutch probability phrases. In progress. 

S.J.W. Willems, M. Fiocco, J.J. Meulman. Optimal scaling for logistic regression model with ordinal covariates. In progress.

S.J.W. Willems, M. Fiocco, J.J. Meulman. Combining optimal scaling and survival techniques to identify possible predictors for unemployment duration. Under review. 


Selected presentations

2017: Optimal Scaling for Survival Analysis with Ordinal Data, oral presentation; at

2016: Optimal Scaling in Survival Analysis with Ordinal Data, poster; at

2016: Optimal Scaling in Survival Analysis, seminar talk; at Survival Lunch, Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden.

2015: Optimal Scaling in Survival Analysis, poster; at IOPS winter conference 2015, Leiden (Netherlands).

2015: Time to PhD Defense, seminar talk; at PhD Colloquium, Mathematical Institute, Leiden (Netherlands).

2015: Correcting for informative censoring by applying the Inverse Probability Censoring Weighted Estimator, poster; at International Society for Clinical Biostatistics conference 2015, Utrecht (Netherlands).